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Seven Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring Siding Companies in Kansas City

Asking the right questions can save you from future regret, loss of money and embarrassment. Before you hire a siding company for your home project it is imperative you ask some fundamental questions. This will ensure that you don't end up with a scammer who is only interested in your money or an ill-equipped, inexperienced company that will deliver a shoddy job.

Below are seven important questions to ask before hiring siding companies in Kansas City;

1) Do you have an office and where is it located?

This is a seemingly innocent, yet very important, question to break the ice and get the ball rolling. If you have found out this information before contacting the company then you can simply skip it, if not, it is essential you ask. A reputable company will have an office from which they operate. The existence of an office is a positive sign you are not dealing with a scammer. For greater assurance, you could take a drive down to the office to see for yourself.

2) Can I see examples of the jobs you have done before?

Some reputable siding companies in Kansas City will not wait for you to even ask, they will present you with their portfolio of past projects during their sales pitch. The company's portfolio will give you an idea of their capacity and can even assist you in selecting a particular style. Images convey stronger meaning than words.

3) Can I have a list of referrals or past clients?

Testimonials from past clients can give you an idea of how the company deals with its customers. To get more robust feedback it is advisable you contact between 2-3 of these clients.

4) What sort of warranty do you provide for your product or guarantee for your workmanship?

This is a very important question as warranties and guarantees are one of the customer's best assurances that they are getting a quality job. It is expected that the warranty on a product be made available to the customer on the completion of the job. Some of the warranties are at least ten years and can stretch as far as fifty years, with certain limitations.

Guarantee on workmanship, however, should be between 6 months and 10 years. It ensures ample time to verify that you received quality service.

5) Do you have liability and workers compensation insurance?

This is yet another very crucial question, one which if the answer is negative, is sufficient enough reason to consider other siding companies in Kansas City. In the line of work, accidents can happen. With adequate insurance coverage, the insurance company will be responsible for the bill. Otherwise, without insurance, the homeowner will be responsible for handling the medical bill and any other bill that may arise from the accident.

6) Are you licensed to do siding in my state?

Every state has building codes that must be adhered to during the building or installation of any structure. The siding company that you should hire must be licensed to carry out siding jobs in your state, hence would be aware of the local and state building codes. Any issue that may arise from an unlicensed company working for you will fall completely on you.

7) How do you handle customer complaints?

It is important you ask this question upfront so in the event of an issue, you can know exactly what to do. You can ask the company directly or ask one of the referrals you have spoken to.

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